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Conrad Shopping HDPE Plastic Cutting Board - Black

These HDPE sheets are versatile in their functionality with unlimited applications. Our plastic board sheets are strong enough to be used as cutting boards, and these PVC boards can be used as a commercial product because of its unbreakable quality. The white poly cutting board and the black poly cutting board are made up of premium quality material which makes these plastic boards easy and safe to use for cutting food items.

These plastic board sheets are made up of polypropylene, which is suitable for use where bacterial escalation is an element. Polypropylene is a component used in the HPDE sheet which makes this product stronger, more rigid and more resistant to heat.
The sheets of plastic offered by us can be put to use for DIY project for home or commercial use. The plastic cutting board material has anti slipping surface which is comfortable to use on watery surfaces as well which makes it a brilliant product to use outdoor also. These thin plastic cutting boards has a very low water absorption surface which makes these plastic board sheets easy to clean and proves it an excelled corrosion resistant.

For using as a commercial product, the PVC boards are typically resistant to acids or any other in-organic materials which prevents collision and makes it a product with high tensile strength and impact resistance (ability to absorb shock of energy).