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Conrad Shopping Stainless Steel Flour Sifter


Made from superior stainless steel, which is lightweight, long-lasting, and appealing. Our flour sifter flaunts a simple design with a hand crank handle that allows for easy sifting without getting stuck.

A Great Sifter for Both Home and Professional Bakers If you are a fan of stainless-steel kitchenware, our flour sifter is an excellent choice. This lightweight flour sifter is strong and long-lasting; it comes with a single layer of a wide mesh. The hand crank is ergonomically placed for ease of use and sifts coarse flours like oat, bran in a jiffy.

Lightweight and Easy to Use
A large sifter offers accurate control and reduces all the mess you could have possibly made in your kitchen. It’s an excellent choice for sifting flour, icing sugar, and other baking ingredients, including coarse powder ingredients. It is equipped with a squeezable handle and aerates all sorts of flours for a genuinely hassle-free baking experience.

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