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Wooden Pizza Peel Small | Shovel for Lifting Pizza

Our product pizza peel is made of finest quality wood, keeping in view the health perspective as our client’s health is our foremost priority. We are offering Pizza Paddle in Acacia Wood which matches our criteria at best. Then comes the shape of the paddle. We are offering it in the square shape with the handy dimensions so that it gets easy to use the Shovel for any purpose. The facing edge is tapered, making it easy to put pizza in or out of the oven.
The pizza can be easily swooped up/out from
a) parchment paper
b) pizza stone
c) oven
d) slide

The side edges are smooth, easy and harmless to use. The handle of the spatula is contoured in such a manner that it fits in the hand and minimizes the risk of getting food spilled while taking it out or putting it in the oven. The length of the handle keeps you away and safe from the heat of the grilled food. It has elegant, smooth finished texture which makes it look good and easy to use. When you will use it, there will be no cracks on the paddle and nothing will accumulate in your food.
The Pizza Peel can also be used as a:
a) serving tray
b) muffin pan
c) charcuterie board

It’s easy to clean the pizza board by washing it off with a sponge and luke warm water. It won’t get any scratches and will be safe to use again and again. It is also dishwasher safe. We take pride in the excellence of our Pizza Peel and offer 100% MONEY BACK in case of dissatisfaction. If it fails to live up to your needs and expectations, we are always here to help you out.