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16-inch Metal Skewers with Wooden Handle

Do you enjoy barbecues or ever feel like there aren't enough meats on sticks?
Every BBQ lover needs a good set of skewers with which to do the skewering. It's possible to make a great meal-on-a-stick with a branch you find in the woods, but if you want consistency, ease of use, and longevity in your pointed sticks, which one to buy? 
Then look no further our wooden handle BBQ skewers are made with comfort and durability in mind. EASY TO USE AND CONVENIENT: 
fancy handles, plastic, or metal, should be avoided. Wood handles are best to deal with as you can turn sides of skewers much easily.
: Marshmallow roasting sticks extendable uses long flat blade making easy to roast. The days of burning your hands are long gone. Easily BBQ your meats or roast your marshmallows. 
: Our roasting skewers are kid-friendly, and we only use non-toxic stainless steel skewers. Our added bonus of 10 skewers is made of 100% bamboo and fine steel.
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