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Here's how to make a perfect charcuterie cheese board using Conrad's Bamboo Cheese Board & Knife set

July 19, 2021 3 min read

1. Start with the right serving platter

Start with your best wooden serving board or slate or marble platter, and make sure it’s a big one. This is your canvas, after all. Err on the side of caution: It's better to get a platter or board that's a little too big and fill in spaces later than to run out of room and have to balance a bunch of smaller bowls and plates with ingredients that can't fit on the board.

2. Get at least two types—and textures—of cheese

The heart and soul of good cheese board is, of course, good cheese. Get one hard cheese that slices neatly, and one soft cheese, like a triple-creme Brie or blueberry goat cheese, that spreads onto crackers like butter. Not sure what this all means? Don't worry, here are some options for you:

Hard cheeses: Cheddar, Manchego, Parmesan, Blue.
Soft cheeses: Brie, Goat, Camembert, Burrata.

There's no need to slice and dice the cheeses before serving: Unwrap them and plop them on the board. It's rustic and low maintenance, and that way, guests can choose as little or as much cheese as they'd like. Just be sure to plunge a slicer or knife directly into the blocks so guests don’t feel intimidated or awkward taking the first cut out of your glorious arrangement.

3. Pick your crackers carefully

No charcuterie board is complete without crackers, even if they're just a vessel to pile smoked meats and cheese into your mouth. If your board is big enough, you can pile your favorite crackers right on the platter. If not, put crackers in a bowl or mason jar and serve alongside the board. Pretzel twists, sliced baguette, or plain pita chips all work wonderfully—nothing too flavorful by its own right, or it'll clash with the cheese.

4. Don't skimp on charcuterie and salty bites

Charcuterie is fancy speak for "salty cured meats," and if your dietary restrictions allow, never skip this step! Anything that's pre-sliced (like salami) can be fanned out like a deck or cards or piled high in neat stacks. Super-thin meat like prosciutto can be dropped by the slice into thin piles.

Meat-free but still craving a salty bite? Put gherkins, salted Marcona almonds, or Kalamata olives into a ramekin and place on or alongside your board.

5. Get your fruit fill

The perfect complement to rich, tangy cheese and salty meat is bright, crunchy fruit. It cuts the rich fattiness and also tricks you into thinking this is a healthy snack. Thinly sliced Granny Smith apples or pears, fanned out like a pinwheel, or a fat bunch of snappy red grapes piled atop a block of cheese and spilling down onto the board. It's beautiful and super satisfying.

Other options include strawberries, blackberries, and cherries—opt for whatever's in season and matches you other offerings.

6. Don't forget sweet and tangy spreads

Set out both sweet and savory options to smear on your crackers or to top your cheese with. Whole grain mustard is good, as is fig spread and pretty much any fruit jam or compote—even honey works well with super tangy cheeses like goat or Camembert. This Bourbon Bacon Jam by Stonewall Kitchen is excellent even with crackers alone.

7. Get creative with your arrangement

Now your board is all filled in—if you feel your display is missing something, it's probably just your arrangement. Try grouping ingredients closer together or using additional fruit to fill empty space. If that fails, fill in empty spaces with trimmed flowers, handfuls of whole nuts, or fresh herb sprigs.

Get creative and fill in as many blank holes as possible—a cheese board can never be too full. With a robust spread and good variety, it's truly difficult to go wrong here—just add your own decorative flair and your guests will reap the cheesy, salty, sweet benefits.

8. Conrad's Charcuterie Bamboo Cheese Board: Entertaining Guests Made Simpler! Why Buy Our Bamboo Cheese Board?

Designed From Smooth Bamboo. We know kitchen utensils should be durable and reliable. Keeping this in mind, we made our charcuterie board from smooth bamboo wood. This wooden material is durable and eye-catching and does a fantastic job at resisting odors and scratches. So, the food you put on display wouldn't reek of any foul smell and would look aesthetically pleasing. This charcuterie board set will surely stay with you for years to come. Win Hearts With Your Food Presentation.